Championship Recap

#3) Mubarakstan UoMs (87.2) defeated (#1) Old Tappan J-E-T-S (83.4)

With Nick Foles’s 8.0 points on Monday Night Football, Aasim and his Mubarakstan UoMs etched their names into BMuz history by defeating Shahzad’s Old Tappan J-E-T-S 87.2 to 83.4. Though the scores were lower than expected, the matchup kept BMuz glued to their seats until the very end of the NFL week. This year’s championship game between Aasim and Shahzad included not only this year’s best, two teams but also BMuz’s top two all-time winningest franchises. After nine years in the league, Aasim has now captured the BMuz title and can claim himself to be one of BMuz’s elite franchises.

For Aasim, the championship game started off poorly as he benched Frank Gore and his 16 points performance on Saturday night. But he got just enough points from his studs Mark Ingram and Travis Kelce to eek out a win. His midseason pick-up of the LA Chargers DST paid dividends as Josh McCown went down late in the season, allowing Aasim’s defense to feast on Bryce Petty and the Jets offense during championship week. With his title win, Aasim can now claim to be the first league member to have won a title as a married man, mA.

Meanwhile, Shahzad had to witness the J-E-T-S put up their second-lowest scoring performance of the year at the worst possible time. Two, key blunders kept the J-E-T-S from becoming the first #1 seed to win a BMuz title and from being crowned the first three-time champ in BMuz history. 😭

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 3.03.45 PM.png

In closing, congratulations once again to Aasim for winning, perhaps, the most exciting BMuz championship game in our league’s history. It was a fitting conclusion for what I hope was the best season of BMuz Fantasy Football ever.


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