Week 10 Recap / Week 11 Predictions

Week 10 Predictions Recap

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser Actual
BMuz Game of the Week
Boston OakTrees Old Tappan J-E-T-S Boston OakTrees 😏
Remaining Games
Chicago 7-6ers Chappaqua GOATs Chicago 7-6ers
Lexington Mughals New England Double Terriers Lexington Mughals
Lowell Panthers Franklin Raekwons Lowell Panthers
Boston Baingans Malden Cavaliers Malden Cavaliers
Bloomfield Cowboys Mubarakstan UoMs Mubarakstan UoMs
Pepperell Patriots Chelmsford Charawalas Pepperell Patriots
Waco White Walkers Dublin #McNuggets Dublin #McNuggets
Week 10 Record 5-3 (0.625)
2017 Record 48-32 (0.600)

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Week 10 Recap (Oak is Typing…Edition)

BMuz Game of the Week

Boston OakTrees (7-3) defeated Old Tappan J-E-T-S (9-1)

The hope for first ever perfect season in Bmuz history has come to an end. In the game Shahzad dubbed as ‘Oak’s Super Bowl’, his juggernaut superteam finally suffered its first loss (hold for applause) at the hands of his whatsapp rival, the Oaktrees. With each team having their highest scorers on bye (Wentz & Hunt) as well as dud games from their star workhorse RBs (Gordon & Fournette ~6 points each) the difference in this one was that the J-E-T-S’ entire roster (besides Imad-fleece acquirements Thielen & Baldwin) did not show up this week while the Oaktrees got solid performances from Darkwa, Demariyus, Tate, Graham and the Lions D. Despite the loss J-E-T-S clinched the Aaron division thanks to losses by the Cowboys and GOATs. However, after averaging 130+ points for the first seven weeks, they have been on a downward trend the past 3 weeks and can no longer resort to trading to bolster their roster for the remainder of this year. They would have lost to all but one other team in BMuz this week. Can the J-E-T-S regroup and finish the season strong to clinch that top seed while keeping the Cowboys and GOATs out of playoff contention? Probably. But let’s hope that they have another week like this one come playoff time 😉 Meanwhile the Oaktrees after starting the season 1-3 have quietly won 6 straight and will look to attempt to reclaim the division title away from ex-roommate Aasim and his high scoring Mubarakstan UoMs.


Remaining Games

Chicago 7-6ers (8-2) defeated Chappaqua GOATs (5-5)

This might have been the most underhyped/ignored Bmuz title game rematch ever probably due to being in the shadow of the Shaz-Oak matchup. This actually ended up getting somewhat interesting on Monday night when the GOATs Cam Newton exploded for 37+ points but unfortunately wasn’t enough as his injury plagued team lost its 4th straight game and got eliminated from division title contention. It certainly didn’t help that the GOATs traded AJ Green for a suspended Mike Evans this week as those 19 points would have been the difference between winning and losing. To add insult to injury, the GOATs suffered two more injuries with Curtis Samuel and Will Fuller joining Odell, DJ, Carson, and Chris Hogan. On the other end, the 7-6ers broke that 7-6 ceiling for the second year in a row and will look to hold off a surging Cavaliers squad to clinch their division.


Lexington Mughals (4-6) defeated New England Double Terriers (2-8)

The Double Terriers continue their losing ways to any team that isn’t the Sheikhs. By benching Julio, they seem to be all in on tanking for that top draft pick and primed to make a run in 2018 with multiple keepers to choose from. They could also look to play spoiler against Ahsan this week to help Ebad catch him for the division crown. For many weeks this season, Isaiah Crowell was a major factor in contributing to Double Terrier L’s due to being a bust for most of the year. This time Crowell helped give the DT’s another L due to performing well for the opposing Mughals.  Speaking of the Mughals, thanks to a Baingans loss this week, they are only two games back and very much still in the hunt for the Tom division title. They seem to peaking at just the right time having won 2 in a row and scoring 105+ points in 3 straight weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.46.07 PM

Lowell Panthers (3-7) defeated Franklin Raekwons (4-6)

In this matchup of two underachieving squads, the Panthers crushed the Raekwons thanks to big performances by Kamara, Fitz, Lafell, and the number 1 fantasy kicker in Greg Zuerlin. Unfortunately for Bakr, it’s too little too late as they will likely miss the playoffs for the second straight year since joining Bmuz last season. Bakr broke his usual silence after this win to boldly claim: ‘2018 is gonna be my year. I’m coming for the crown’. The Raekwons suffered their second 3 game losing streak this year since starting the season 3-0 and haven’t scored over 100 since week 3. With RBs Aaron Jones and Rob Kelley expected to be out for the rest of the year, the Raekwons are likely on to 2018 as well.

Malden Cavaliers (6-4) defeated Boston Baingans (6-4)

In this matchup of two teams that are on the rise and battling for playoff contention, the Cavaliers upset the Baingans and have made both their respective division races much more interesting going into the last 3 weeks of the fantasy regular season. Despite getting close to nothing from stud RB Devonta Freeman, the Cavaliers were carried by 31.5 points from Robert Woods as well as some solid games from Robby Anderson, DJax and the Seattle D. The Baingans were spiked by Gronk’s 8.6 point performance and missed an opportunity to create a bigger gap from their division foes and now all 4 Tom division teams are within 2 games of each other with 3 weeks left.


Mubarakstan UoMs (5-5) defeated Bloomfield Cowboys (5-5)

In this contest of New Jersey natives, the Mubarakstan UoMs destroyed the Cowboys by a wide margin of nearly 45 points. Led once again by the Saints duo of Michael Thomas and Mark Ingram and Kirk Cousins, this Mubarakstan statement win sets up a crucial matchup next week against the division leading Oaktrees. Meanwhile, the Cowboys got nothing from most of its roster (except for it’s Pats players) and could not recover from the inevitable Zeke suspension and this second straight loss eliminated them from division title contention. They will likely need to win out in order to contend for a wild card spot.


Pepperell Patriots (5-5) defeated Chelmsford Charawalas (3-7)

In the battle of Shahzad’s former farm team vs. his current farm team, the Patriots dominated the Charawalas in a 40 point blowout. Everyone but Cooper Kupp and the Patriots D scored in double digits for the Patriots while Charawalas had a bunch of duds with the exception of Demarco Murray. Haroon has made multiple solid trades this year that are actually benefiting his own team for a change and is now in prime position to possibly win the Tom division if he can beat the Usmani bros over the next couple of weeks. Imad on the other hand can go look at how Baldwin and Thielen did on Shahzad’s roster this week and hopefully learn to avoid future trade fleecings next year.


Waco White Walkers (3-7) defeated Dublin #McNuggets (5-5)

This matchup of the league’s youngest members came down to the MNF game. The #McNuggets had the lead with Devante Parker and Julius Thomas playing and were looking to leapfrog the Baingans in the Tom division. However the White Walkers had other ideas as Devin Funchess exploded for 22.7 points to help pull off the upset. The White Walkers can only continue to play the spoiler role this year as they are out of division contention and will most likely miss the playoffs. The #McNuggets on the other hand need to rebound if they hope to win their division for the third year in a row.



Week 11 Predictions

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser
BMuz Game of the Week
Mubarakstan UoMs Boston OakTrees
Remaining Games
Chelmsford Charawalas Waco White Walkers
Bloomfield Cowboys Lowell Panthers
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Chappaqua GOATs
Chicago 7-6ers New England Double Terriers
Malden Cavaliers Franklin Raekwons
Dublin #McNuggets Lexington Mughals
Pepperell Patriots Boston Baingans

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