BMuz Trade Deadline History

With the 2017 BMuz trade deadline rapidly approaching, I thought it might be interesting to look back at some recent trade deadline deals and the impacts they had on the league. Each deal shares the same common thread – one team making a win now move.


Malden Cavaliers received Boston OakTrees received
Terrelle Pryor
Dontrelle Inman
Golden Tate
Frank Gore
Record before | after Record before | after
2-7 | 3-10 7-2 | 9-4

Oak took full advantage of last year’s trade deadline extension and pulled off a heist, grabbing Golden Tate and Frank Gore for a 27-year-old QB turned WR Browns player. This gave the OakTrees arguably the best top-to-bottom lineup in the league, but he went 2-2 the rest of the way, lost his division lead, and flamed out in the first round of the playoffs. The OakTrees did come away with a keeper, Golden Tate, who has had an excellent 2017 season thus far.


Boston Baingans received New England Double Terriers received
Joique Bell
Tyler Eifert
Le’Veon Bell
DeMarco Murray
Richard Rodgers
Julio Jones
Record before | after Record before | after
 3-6 | 4-9 6-3 | 8-5
Days after Sultan beat Usmani in Week 9, essentially ending Usmani’s 2015 season, the Baingains went into full tank mode unloading Eagle-era DeMarco Murray and Julio Jones for a recently IR’ed Lev Bell. This trade not only kept the Double Terriers in frontrunner category but made them a favorite to take home the title. The Double Terriers failed to score 100 points in first, three weeks following the trade but then went on a run to the league semi-finals where they were out-dueled by the Boston OakTrees. Meanwhile, the Baingains rebuild went into 2017 and they have now gotten back to their winning ways.


Needham Nstigators received Lexington Mughals received
Greg Olsen
Terrance West
Stevie Johnson
Kendall Wright
Vernon Davis
Branden Oliver
Record before | after Record before | after
 4-5 | 8-5  4-5 | 4-9
Needham Nstigators received Malden Cavaliers received
Seahawk D/ST Markus Wheaton
Record before | after Record before | after
 5-5 | 8-5  3-7 | 4-9
Following a Week 9 loss to Haroon, dropping Sakib to 4-5, he made a series of trades that turned around his season and led him to the league’s semifinals where he was promptly defeated by the #1 seed, the #blessed Double Terriers. First, Sakib made what he dubbed the “Trape of the Year (Second Runner-Up),” getting Greg Olsen and Terrance West for a rapidly declining Vernon Davis and a bag of peanuts. He then secured the “Legion of Doom” for a wide receiver that never learned how to catch. These acquisitions led to a five-game winning streak that ultimately ended in the aforementioned league semifinals.


Old Tappan J-E-T-S received Boston OakTrees received
Vernon Davis
Myles White
Aaron Dobson
Jacoby Jones
Heath Miller
Record before | after Record before | after
 6-3 | 8-5 4-5 | 5-8
Looking to repeat and with his starting TE (Kyle Rudolph) having gone down, the J-E-T-S swung a deal with the OakTrees that Ahsan called “…a raging win for shaz. Like a straight up deflowering.” Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone soon after the trade was made and a QB rotation of Joe Flacco/Mike Glennon/Josh McCown/Kirk Cousins couldn’t do enough to help the J-E-T-S garner a three-peat (although McCown went off for 42.8 points in a playoff game). Meanwhile, Vernon Davis played well for the J-E-T-S in the subsequent games until he posted a dud in the championship game with -0.3 points.

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