Week 8 Recap / Week 9 Predictions 🎃

Week 8 Predictions Recap

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser Actual
BMuz Game of the Week
Boston Baingans Chappaqua GOATs Boston Baingans
Remaining Games
Lowell Panthers Dublin #McNuggets Dublin #McNuggets
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Pepperell Patriots Old Tappan J-E-T-S
Bloomfield Cowboys Lexington Mughals Bloomfield Cowboys
New England Double Terriers Mubarakstan UoMs Mubarakstan UoMs
Chelmsford Charawalas Malden Cavaliers Chelmsford Charawalas
Chicago 7-6ers Waco White Walkers Chicago 7-6ers
Boston OakTrees Franklin Raekwons Boston OakTrees
Week 8 Record 6-2 (0.750)
2017 Record 32-24 (0.571)

Week 8 Recap

BMuz Game of the Week

Boston Baingans (6-2) defeated Chappaqua GOATs (5-3)

Rushell Wilshon was the star of Week 8, putting up a whopping 36.8 points and pretty much single-handedly winning the BMuz Game of the Week for the Baingains.

Scary fact of the game 👻: The Baingains and the GOATs combined to field four players that scored 0.1 points or less this week.


Remaining Games

Dublin #McNuggets (4-4) defeated Lowell Panthers (2-6)

The #McNuggets eeked out a 4.9 point win over the Panthers this week. Led by his keepers, Beanie McCoy an Alshon Jeffrey, Ayman was able to overcome a frightening performance from Jameis Winston (3.9 points). Meanwhile, the Panthers must have thought better days were ahead for Jordan Reed after last week’s 21 point game, but a bad penny always turns up. Reed went down early in Week 8, costing Bakr valuable points. He is now expected to miss several weeks.

Scary fact of the game👻: The difference in this game was streaming defenses. The #McNuggets streamed the Falcons (5 points), while the Panthers went with the Browns 💩 (-0.5 points).


Old Tappan J-E-T-S (8-0) defeated Pepperell Patriots (3-5)

The Patriots provided the J-E-T-S with quite a scare as Shahzad crawled past the Haroon, 89.9 to 84.9. The ghost of Jeremy Maclin (and his 12.2 points) sat on the bench for the Patriots and the decision to start Jordan Matthews over Maclin may haunt Haroon if he misses the playoffs by a game.

Scary fact of the game👻: Zero skill players put up 10+ points for the J-E-T-S this week.


Bloomfield Cowboys (5-3) defeated Lexington Mughals (2-6)

On the eve of Zeke’s suspension, the Bloomfield Cowboys put the league on notice with a hair-raising, 149.4 point performance. Meanwhile, the morbid Mughals put up more than 100 points for the first time this season, yet could not find the win column.

Scary fact of the game👻: Had the Cowboys started Paul Richardson and Rex Burkhead, they would have scored 170.2 points – good enough for the fifth best score of all-time.


Mubarakstan UoMs (3-5) defeated New England Double Terriers (1-7)

The night before Halloween is called Mischief Night, but for Aasim it was Christmas. Down 26 points on Monday, Aasim drew up some magic and got a combined 40.1 points from Travis Kelce and the Chiefs DST. The UoMs kept pace in their division and the Double Terriers were officially sent to their coffin with their 1-7 record.

Scary fact of the game👻: If the Double Terriers (1-7) had played the Mike/Mitchell division leading 7-6ers (7-1) every week this season, both teams would be 4-4.


Chelmsford Charawalas (3-5) defeated Malden Cavaliers (4-4)

Imad rode JuJu Smith-Schuster’s bike to a big W over Ebad’s Cavaliers. The Charawalas have successfully dipped into the FA cauldron and come away with Jerick McKinnon and JuJu Smith-Schuster, who combined for 50 points this week.

Scary fact of the game👻: After scoring 85-90 points on a consistent basis this season, the Charawalas broke out with their first 100+ point game although their QB scored less than 10 points and a WR put up a donut.


Chicago 7-6ers (7-1) defeated Waco White Walkers (2-6)

The 7-6ers doubled up the ghastly White Walkers this week, 98.2 to 46.7. Mani’s White Walkers now hold the honor of the lowest scoring performance of the year. Meanwhile, Ace’s 7-6ers move to 7-1 and hold a healthy three-game lead in their division with five games remaining.

Scary fact of the game👻: Ahsan would have won this game even if he had only started Deshaun Watson and Jordan Howard.


Boston OakTrees (5-3) defeated Franklin Raekwons (4-4)

Oak conjured up his patented “Gg” spell early Sunday and defeated HSid’s Raekwons by a slim margin. The game came down to MNF, with Oak needing Demaryius Thomas to outscore Demarcus Robinson by 1.9 points or more. There was no twist ending here. Demaryius put up his standard 8 points and Demarcus put up his standard 0.8 points.

Scary fact of the game👻: HSid would have a) scored 22.3 more points this week b) won 114.7 to 97.9 and c) been 5-3…had he not traded with Qasim this past week.


Week 9 Predictions

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser
BMuz Game of the Week
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Boston Baingans
Remaining Games
Bloomfield Cowboys Pepperell Patriots
Chappaqua GOATs Dublin #McNuggets
Lowell Panthers Lexington Mughals
Boston OakTrees Chicago 7-6ers
Malden Cavaliers Waco White Walkers
New England Double Terriers Chelmsford Charawalas
Mubarakstan UoMs Franklin Raekwons


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