Week 7 Recap / Week 8 Predictions

Week 7 Predictions Recap

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser Actual
BMuz Game of the Week
Boston OakTrees New England Double Terriers Boston OakTrees
Remaining Games
Mubarakstan UoMs Malden Cavaliers Malden Cavaliers
Chicago 7-6ers Chelmsford Charawalas Chicago 7-6ers
Waco White Walkers Franklin Raekwons Franklin Raekwons
Boston Baingans Lowell Panthers Boston Baingans
Pepperell Patriots Chappaqua GOATs Pepperell Patriots
Dublin #McNuggets Bloomfield Cowboys Bloomfield Cowboys
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Lexington Mughals Old Tappan J-E-T-S
Week 7 Record 5-3 (0.625)
2017 Record 32-24 (0.571)

Week 7 Recap (brought to you by the Chelmsford Charawalas)

BMuz Game of the Week

Boston OakTrees (4-3) defeated New England Double Terriers (1-6)

Late nazr-like heroics led the OakTrees to defeat the Double Terriers on Monday Night. Oak takes command of his weak division (it’s true) and finds himself with a stud at quarterback. The Terriers remain the best 1-6 team Shaz has ever seen in his life and are poised to make a run. Waiting for this narrative to kick in.


Remaining Games

Malden Cavaliers (4-3) defeated Mubarakstan UoMs (2-5)

Solid running back play has propelled the Cavaliers to their fourth win tying them for second place (actually third because Sulreeb is so good at 1-6) in their division. Unfortunately for the UoMs, next on their list is the ever so dreaded, the best of the best, the one and only, best one-loss team in the world, Double Terriers. Gosh, I can’t even wait.


Chicago 7-6ers (6-1) defeated Chelmsford Charawalas (2-5)

The 7-6ers quietly have a team that can compete with J-E-T-S in the playoffs. Actually, Ace isn’t quiet at all. A solid anchor of Howard, Gurley II, Evans, and Cooper’s resurrection shall keep the 7-6ers in good contention to win it all. The Charawalas once again produce mediocrity. They are like the IHOP of brunch spots.


Franklin Raekwons (4-3) defeated Waco White Walkers (2-5)

Carson Palmer’s injury sealed the deal for this game. The White Walkers fall to 2-5 but only 2 games back from the division lead. Alf-Mo should get his workhorse duties soon (I think) but Mani will have to surf the waiver wire for a new QB (good luck). The Raekwons ride Brady and Hurns to victory and stay seeded number 1 in beard power rankings. This is obviously very important.


Boston Baingans (5-2) defeated Lowell Panthers (2-5)

Note, kickers make a big difference in fantasy football. Kai Forbath’s huge game and Dan Bailey’s injury was the difference in this one. Nelson Agholor is slowly becoming Carson Wentz’s favorite target. Look for the Baingans deep in the playoffs inshaAllah. The Panthers find themselves at the bottom of a division topped by Shaz. The good news is, he is in better contention for the Sequon-ship.


Pepperell Patriots (3-4) defeated Chappaqua GOATs (5-2)

The harsh reality of losing Odell Beckham Jr., David Johnson, Chris Carson, and Davante Adams (via Aaron Rodgers injury) caught up to the GOATS this week as he was routed by a great performance by the Patriots. Kenny Stills continues to rise in Miami which bodes well for the Patriots fighting in a competitive division. With all of the GOAT’s players effectively producing duds, the magic may have run out for this team.


Bloomfield Cowboys (4-3) defeated Dublin #McNuggets (3-4)

It came down to Alshon Jeffery versus his teammate Torrey Smith on Monday night which was a non-factor as the “tanking” Cowboys get their fourth win of the season. Ezekiel Elliott impressively punched into the endzone three times in this one. Too soon?


Old Tappan J-E-T-S (7-0) defeated Lexington Mughals (2-5)

The J-E-T-S scored a lot more points than their opponent this week – once again. The new 73-win Golden State Warriors of the league are a monster with hairy balls poised to make anyone’s strongest performance feel like nothing. The J-E-T-S, barring injury inshaAllah, are the frontrunners to win it all. Shaz has nice hair too I guess.


Week 8 Predictions

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser
BMuz Game of the Week
Boston Baingans Chappaqua GOATs
Remaining Games
Lowell Panthers Dublin #McNuggets
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Pepperell Patriots
Bloomfield Cowboys Lexington Mughals
New England Double Terriers Mubarakstan UoMs
Chelmsford Charawalas Malden Cavaliers
Chicago 7-6ers Waco White Walkers
Boston OakTrees Franklin Raekwons


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