Week 3 Recap / Week 4 Predictions

Week 3 Predictions Recap

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser Actual
BMuz Game of the Week
Chappaqua GOATs Bloomfield Cowboys Chappaqua GOATs
Remaining Games
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Lowell Panthers Old Tappan J-E-T-S
Mubarakstan UoMs Waco White Walkers Mubarakstan UoMs
Boston OakTrees Chelmsford Charawalas Chelmsford Charawalas
New England Double Terriers Franklin Raekwons Franklin Raekwons
Chicago 7-6ers Malden Cavaliers Chicago 7-6ers
Dublin #McNuggets Pepperell Patriots Dublin #McNuggets
Boston Baingans Lexington Mughals Boston Baingans
Week 3 Record 6-2 (0.750)
2017 Record 13-11 (0.542)

Week 3 Recap

BMuz Game of the Week

Chappaqua GOATs (2-1) defeated Bloomfield Cowboys (2-1)

Hasan’s big three, OBJ, AJ Green, and…Chris Hogan put up 20+ points each giving him a comfortable win against Qasim, who started off his Sunday in a -12 point hole thanks to Baltimore’s defense. The GOAT is showing why he’s still a championship contender, even with the loss of DJ. Now imagine he hadn’t wasted his first, two picks on Cam and C.J. Prosise…


Remaining Games

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (3-0) defeated Lowell Panthers (1-2)

The J-E-T-S saw solid performances from across the roster as six of ten players in the lineup put up 14.5 points or more. With stars, Derek Carr, Jay Ajayi, Theo Riddick, and Darren Sproles (RIP) putting up absolute duds, giving Bakr zero chance at catching Shahzad’s team.


Mubarakstan UoMs (1-2) defeated Waco White Walkers (1-2)

This week, Aasim demonstrated why his team was among the final four teams last year. Faced with the prospects of going 0-3, the UoMs climbed onto Captain Kirk’s back (back to his 2016 self) who led the UoMs with 30.6 points. After a strong Week 1, Mani has had two straight disappointing games even though he has received strong performances from RBs, Carlos Hyde and DeMarco Murray.


Chelmsford Charawalas (1-2) defeated Boston OakTrees (1-2)

Led by Duke Johnson, the Charawalas are on the board with their first win of the season. They won a pivotal division game against the once mighty OakTrees, who fell to 1-2 with a pathetic 59 point performance (a score that even the 7-6ers bench surpassed). The Charawalas flexed their depth as eight of their ten starters scored 9+ points. As the Charawalas get to full strength in the next, few weeks (Snead returns from suspension and Eifert from injury) expect them to continue to surprise us.


Franklin Raekwons (3-0) defeated New England Double Terriers (0-3)

By going 3-0, HSid beat his season projection of two wins and did so with his second straight impressive performance. Led by the well-hydrated Tom Brady, the Raekwons put up 119 points. Meanwhile, the Double Terriers have started the season with a whimper. The Double Terriers were the fourth highest scoring team in the league last season, but have not been able to crack 100 this season. One positive takeaway is that they’re trending in the right directions after games of 54 points, 85 points, and 92 points respectively.


Chicago 7-6ers (2-1) defeated Malden Cavaliers (1-2)

Ebad made his triumphant return to BMuz this week and got incredible performances from Devonta Freeman, Eli Manning, and Chris Thompson, but it wasn’t enough against Ace’s 7-6ers. Led by Todd Gurley and Jordan Howard, the 7-6ers returned to form this week after last week’s 77 point performance.


Dublin #McNuggets (2-1) defeated Pepperell Patriots (1-2)

Going for 100+ points for the first time this season helped propel the #McNuggets to their second win this year. Devante Parker redefined “garbage time points” and Jordy Nelson continued to beast, helping Ayman beat a lifeless Pepperell Patriots. With only three, credible players (Brees, Tyreek, Gronk), Haroon will have to aggressively work the waiver wire in the next, few weeks in order to compete in a very winnable division.


Boston Baingans (2-1) defeated Lexington Mughals (1-2)

Russhel Wilshon was a stud this week and Lev Bell finally got going, leading Usmani’s Baingans to his second win of the season. Needing only 20 points for the win going into SNF, the Mughals got close to nothing from keepers, Marshawn Lynch and Jamison Crowder.


Week 4 Predictions

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser
BMuz Game of the Week
Chicago 7-6ers Franklin Raekwons
Remaining Games
New England Double Terriers Malden Cavaliers
Mubarakstan UoMs Chelmsford Charawalas
Boston OakTrees Waco White Walkers
Chappaqua GOATs Lowell Panthers
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Bloomfield Cowboys
Boston Baingans Dublin #McNuggets
Pepperell Patriots Lexington Mughals

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