Week 2 Recap / Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 Predictions Recap

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser Actual
BMuz Game of the Week
Bloomfield Cowboys Waco White Walkers Bloomfield Cowboys
Remaining Games
Lowell Panthers Chelmsford Charawalas Lowell Panthers
Boston OakTrees Chappaqua GOATs Chappaqua GOATs
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Mubarakstan UoMs Old Tappan J-E-T-S
Boston Baingans New England Double Terriers Boston Baingans
Chicago 7-6ers Dublin #McNuggets Dublin #McNuggets
Pepperell Patriots Franklin Raekwons Franklin Raekwons
Lexington Mughals Malden Cavaliers Malden Cavaliers
Week 2 Record 4-4 (0.500)
2017 Record 7-9 (0.438)

Week 2 Recap

BMuz Game of the Week

Bloomfield Cowboys (2-0) defeated Waco White Walkers (1-1)

The Bloomfield Cowboys are beginning to prove they are for real after convincingly beating the White Walkers on what was an off week for them. Qasim’s Fantastic Four of RBs had a letdown week after they each failed to put up at least 10 points and at least one of those four, Bilal Powell, is looking like an early season bust. It didn’t matter as Michael Crabtree went for a TD hat trick and his D/ST1 (the Ravens) took care of the Browns. Mani’s White Walkers needed to raise some players from the dead this week as Demarco Murray and Corey Coleman were hurt early in their games and put up duds. It was too much of a hole to dig out of for Team Waco.


Remaining Games

Lowell Panthers (1-1) defeated Chelmsford Charawalas (0-2)

Bakr got on the board in Week 2 after solid performances from his studs Jay Ajayi, Dez, and Derek Carr and he took home the win in “The Greater Lowell Area Bowl.” If Jordan Reed can stay healthy (he looks like he’s okay from his weekly scare), Bakr will be able to put together some wins on the backs of his star players. For Imad, yet another loss and it seems Blount is officially “RIP” after receiving one touch in Week 2. He’ll have to continue his waiver wire magic (J.J. Nelson was a great pickup) in order to remain in contention.


Chappaqua GOATs (1-1) defeated Boston OakTrees (1-1)

Hasan picked up his first win of the year solely due to his ability to choose a better fantasy football lineup than his opponent Omar Abdelkader. The GOATs made a prudent decision to take a flyer on Chris Carson early in the year and it paid off. It was an all-around team performance that led to the GOATs victory as 7 of his 10 players went for 10+ points. The OakTrees were cut down by the team’s last-minute decision to play Cameron Brate over Hunter Henry and the lack of faith in our brother in Islam, Mohamed Sanu.


Old Tappan J-E-T-S (2-0) defeated Mubarakstan UoMs (0-2)

This was a hard-fought game that had me sweating well into the 4th quarter of SNF. Ultimately, my beautiful Aaron Rodgers came through in the clutch with two garbage-time touchdowns giving the J-E-T-S a win over the UofMs in a rematch of last year’s consolation game. Outside of Travis Kelce and his acrobatics, Aasim’s team failed to have a standout performance, leading to a second straight sub-100 point week.


Boston Baingans (1-1) defeated New England Double Terriers (0-2)

Usmani and his eggplants banged their way to a big win this week on the backs of two RB2s turned RB1s. CJA and TyMont put up a combined 55 points while Sulreeb’s less than optimal lineup put up another less than stellar performance. What’s scary about the Baingans is that they have yet to ripen as Lev Bell, Rushel Wilshon, and Joe Mixon have had very slow starts.


Dublin #McNuggets (1-1) defeated Chicago 7-6ers (1-1)

Ayman eeked out a win over Ace’s 7-6ers this week in a game that saw weak performances from FF superstars on each side. Ace was also let down by a certain Younghoe, whose two missed 40-49 FGs were the difference between winning and losing this week. Meanwhile, the #McNuggets got an important victory over his newfound rival and earned bragging rights for the year ahead.


Franklin Raekwons (2-0) defeated Pepperell Patriots (1-1)

Franklin Raekwons ain’t nuthing ta f*** wit, Franklin Raekwons ain’t nuthing ta f*** wit. HSid is starting the season 2 and 0 after an impressive win over Haroon’s Patriots. Led by TB12, Gillislee, and Ahsan’s waiver wire pickups, HSid put up numbers this week. Haroon put up a solid 110 points, backed by a great performance from his Gronk, but couldn’t come away with a W.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 6.27.42 PM.png

Malden Cavaliers (1-1) defeated Lexington Mughals (1-1)

The good news is that Ebad, after starting last season 0-7, got his first win of the season in Week 2. The bad news is that he might not be able to enjoy it because he’s unaware. He’ll have to re-emerge this week as he potentially lost two, key members of his team (Corey Davis and Greg Olsen). Meanwhile, the Mughals have been getting weak/unexciting performances from their stars (Marshawn, Lamar Miller, and Cooks). After a second straight week of ~80 points, let’s see if they break things open in the weeks ahead.


Week 3 Predictions

Predicted Winner Predicted Loser
BMuz Game of the Week
Chappaqua GOATs Bloomfield Cowboys
Remaining Games
Old Tappan J-E-T-S Lowell Panthers
Mubarakstan UoMs Waco White Walkers
Boston OakTrees Chelmsford Charawalas
New England Double Terriers Franklin Raekwons
Chicago 7-6ers Malden Cavaliers
Dublin #McNuggets Pepperell Patriots
Boston Baingans Lexington Mughals

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