2017 Season Preview

End of Season Update

2017 Season Preview

The time has come. The 2017 BMuz FFL season begins tonight with the NFL season kicking off in Foxboro. I’ll be ranking all 16 teams to celebrate its arrival. These tiered rankings are in order of worst to best. I’ve gone ahead and projected every game and put together each team’s projected record, factoring in bye weeks, roster construction, and an owner’s propensity to make good waiver wire moves. To start, let’s take a look at our league’s preseason poll and then move on to team-by-team previews.

2017 Preseason Poll (League Voting)

Rank Team (1st place votes) Total Points
1 Old Tappan J-E-T-S (4) 44
2 Chappaqua GOATs (1) 40
3 New England Double Terriers (0) 28
4 Chicago 7-6ers (2) 25
5 Boston Baingans (0) 17
6 Boston OakTrees (1) 14
7 Bloomfield Cowboys (1) 13
8 Lexington Mughals (1) 11
9 Pepperell Patriots (1) 10
9 Waco White Walkers (0) 10
11 Dublin #McNuggets (0) 7
12 Franklin Raekwons (0) 5
13 Chelmsford Charawalas (0) 4
14 Malden Cavaliers (0) 2
15 Rockland Chapli Kababs (0) 1
16 Lowell Panthers (0) 0

2017 Preview and Projections

With the first pick of the 2018 BMuz draft…

The following six teams will be vying for the chance to draft Saquon Barkley in 2018. While most of these teams have promising keeper level players, such as Devonta Freeman, Jay Ajayi, Brandin Cooks, and Ed McCaffrey’s son, weak drafts and poor trades have left them with subpar line-ups. With that said, last year’s 16th ranked team was Aasim and he ended the year at 9-4, won his division (over Oak), was the #3 seed, and won a playoff game (against Oak). I imagine he posted last year’s preview to his bulletin board and so should these six teams.

#16 Franklin Raekwons
2016 Projected 7-6 2016 Actual 2-11
2017 Projected 2-11
Team Preview
HSid pulled off a draft day stunner by trading up to pick Christian McCaffrey. With an eye towards the future, HSid will field a mix of veterans (Brady, AP, Ginn) and young talent that hasn’t quite met their keeper-level expectations (Watkins, Ebron). While I have HSid at 2-11, I could see him exceeding two wins easily as 9 of his 13 games are against non-playoff teams from last year, but don’t expect a playoff berth by any means.
#15 Chelmsford Charawalas
2016 Projected 5-8 2016 Actual 8-5
2017 Projected 3-10
Team Preview
Imad’s Charawalas should really be #16, but due to a weaker division and rivalry games against Bakr’s Panther and Haroon’s Patriots, they’re projected for 3 wins this season. While this may be the worst set of starters (four RB3s, a WR2, and a WR3) in the league, the Charawalas has solid depth (Doyle, Snead, Smallwood). That will come in handy during bye weeks or when Imad thinks about trading again (I understand if it’s still too soon). It’s too bad this isn’t a PPR league cause Imad would’ve torn it up with Woodhead, Coleman, and Duke Johnson.
#14 Lowell Panthers
2016 Projected 5-8 2016 Actual 4-9
2017 Projected 4-9
Team Preview
The Panthers are also better than their 4-9 projection indicates. The main issue is that Bakr has to play the GOATs, J-E-T-S, and Cowboys six times every season and I have him going a projected 1-5 within his division. He has a number of solid FF players such as Ajayi, Carr, Dez, and Larry Fitz. IF his team can stay healthy (looking at you Jordan Reed, Dez, Theo, and John Brown) and IF he can figure out what to do with his two FLEX spots (Gates and John Brown are not gonna cut it), Bakr might be able to make a run at the #6 seed.
#13 Malden Cavaliers
2016 Projected 8-5 2016 Actual 3-10
2017 Projected 4-9
Team Preview
Hajji Ebad’s Cavaliers are set up very well…for next year. I think Freeman, Corey Davis, and Andrew Luck will be a solid core of keepers moving forward, but I don’t see a path forward for Ebad this season unless Samaje Perine goes ham and takes over the Redskins backfield and Andrew Luck’s shoulder miraculously heals itself sooner rather than later. Last year I projected Ebad to make his first playoff appearance and Ebad finished with a 3-10 record. Perhaps projecting a losing record will finally give Ebad his first playoff berth.
#12 Pepperell Patriots
2016 Projected 4-9 2016 Actual 5-8
2017 Projected 5-8
Team Preview
The man who lives and dies by Drew Brees and Gronk is projected to finish 5-8 for the third consecutive season. As Haroon does every year, he’ll likely have one stand out game where he puts up 150+ points (176.8 points in Week 6 last year). Haroon will be relying heavily on Tyreek Hill to duplicate last year’s top 10 WR finish (that’ll be tough) and will be praying that his starting RBs, Eddie Lacy and Terrance West, get the majority of their team’s carries/snaps.
#11 Lexington Mughals
2016 Projected 5-8 2016 Actual 7-6
2017 Projected 5-8
Team Preview
Every year we doubt the Mughals and every year they surprise us by being in the thick of the West division race. This will likely be another one of those years because they have a solid roster led by Lamar Miller, Brandin Cooks, and Matt Ryan. The big question mark around this team is Marshawn Lynch and what he will look like following his sabbatical from the NFL. If Jamison Crowder can emerge as the alpha in the Redskins passing game and if Matt Forte can remain relevant in the Jets running game, the Mughals could surprise us once again. For now, there are some holes on their roster and tough match ups throughout the year (Ayman*2, Usmani*2, Champ, Shahzad, Qman, and Sulreeb). These factors should keep the Mughals out of the playoffs once again.

BMuz Purgatory

These next two are neither in contention for the #1 pick nor are they shoe-ins for the playoffs. Could they sneak in? Sure. They both play in the North division and it’s the most wide open division in this league. But I see Oak barely winning the North through sheer perseverance leaving the following two teams in the ninth and tenth spots at the 2018 draft.

#10 Waco White Walkers
2016 Projected N/A 2016 Actual N/A
2017 Projected 6-7
Team Preview
The man who almost led the Charawalas to an unlikely playoff appearance last year gets his own team. Winter is here and Mani has assembled a formidable roster led by DeMarco Murray and Carlos Hyde, both of whom should have solid seasons. His WR/RB and WR/TE spots are intriguing with Martavis Bryant and Corey Coleman having the talents to reach WR1 heights. If JStew and Moncrief can be productive, Mani should have a solid starting lineup (which was hurt by Edelman’s season ending injury). I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mani ride his ice dragon over the wall, allowing him to win the North division throne.
#9 Mubarakstan U of Mubaraks
2016 Projected 3-10 2016 Actual 9-4
2017 Projected 6-7
Team Preview
I don’t know how Aasim did it last season, but I’ll be a lot less surprised if he repeats as the division champ this season. Aasim focused on WRs with his draft this season adding the heavily targeted Pierre Garcon, Randall Cobb, and Kenny Britt to go along with his keeper, Michael Thomas. Let’s see if Captain Kirk can replicate his QB1 level of success from last season and if Gore and Ingram can maintain their roles as RB2s. Aasim has rebuilt well since his 4-9 season in 2015, now let’s see whether last season was a fluke or not.

The Contenders

These next four will be battling for the #4 to #6 seeds in the playoffs. If they make good in-season moves or strike waiver wire gold, they may even be a part of the championship conversation.

#8 Boston OakTrees
2016 Projected 7-6 2016 Actual 9-4
2017 Projected 7-6
Team Preview
Congratulations on a tremendous 2016 season. You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative league, and have come out beautifully – beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your team ownership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully, this season will give the opportunity to make the OakTrees great again. Best wishes for great results this season.
#7 New England Double Terriers
2016 Projected 10-3 2016 Actual 6-7
2017 Projected 7-6
Team Preview
After an immensely disappointing season, the Double Terriers are foaming at the mouth in anticipation of this season so they can reclaim their status as an elite team. They’ve swapped out DeMarco Murray for his handcuff, Derrick Henry, and they’ve brought in Isaiah Crowell to be their workhorse. What might be the most important draft pick of 2017, Doug Martin, could potentially give the Double Terriers one of the scariest starting lineups if he returns to his 2015 form. But for the first, five weeks of the season, they’ll be a bit handicapped and this should allow the 7-6ers to pull ahead in the South division meaning the Double Terriers will be fighting for one of two WC spots.
#6 Dublin #McNuggets
2016 Projected 8-5 2016 Actual 8-5
2017 Projected 8-5
Team Preview
Can the Dublin #McNuggets shed the label of “BMuz’s Houston Texans” this season? After consecutive division titles…and first round exits, Ayman is looking to take a step forward. They have plenty of top end talent (McCoy, Jordy, Alshon), but they’ll need their youngins’ (Devante, Jameis, Abdullah, Perkins) to step up. If Abdullah and Perkins, two major boom/bust candidates, can break out and take ownership of their respective backfields, the #McNuggets will be a very good team.
#5 Bloomfield Cowboys
2016 Projected 4-9 2016 Actual 6-7
2017 Projected 9-4
Team Preview
The Cowboys had an incredible draft from my perspective and put themselves in position to be a real contender this season and beyond. A lot hinges on how this Zeke saga pans out, but Qman has put in the work to mitigate the damage if the suspension is upheld this season. With Zeke in the lineup, the Cowboys have 4 starting RBs with high floors and high ceilings. His WR talent includes a target monster (Crabtree), solid WR plays (Wallace, Matthews, Tyrell Williams), and a potential, future WR1 (Zay Jones). While the Cowboys will be battling in the strongest division in BMuz, his weaker interdivisional and rivalry matchups should allow them to put together a solid record.

The Upper Echelon

The class of this league includes its past three champions and a team with arguably the strongest set of keepers in BMuz. Three of these four were in the semi-finals last season and the other is likely to join them this year after a terrific draft (and because he has Le’Veon Bell).

#4 Old Tappan J-E-T-S
2016 Projected 9-4 2016 Actual 10-3
2017 Projected 9-4
Team Preview
2016’s #1 seed will be hunting for his third consecutive #1 seed but will be doing so without a few familiar faces. Gone are Devonta Freeman and Adrian Peterson and they’re replaced by BMuz’s #1 draft pick Leonard Fournette (and his problematic foot/ankle) and Kareem Hunt (Andy Reid’s latest RB wonder?). The J-E-T-S strong WR corp (Antonio, Baldwin, and Keenan Allen) will be counting on these rookie RBs to carry this team to its continued success.
#3 Chicago 7-6ers
2016 Projected 8-5 2016 Actual 10-3
2017 Projected 9-4
Team Preview
The 7-6ers burst through the glass ceiling last year and put together a career best 10-3 record. Three of his heavy hitters from last year are back and he’s balanced out his roster from being WR heavy by adding Jordan Howard (for Brandin Cooks). With two RB1s and two WR1s, Ace has put together an unprecedented roster. He’s also drafted a TE1, potential QB1, and a solid WR play in Diggs. His final FLEX spot is a huge question mark and I can imagine Ace yelling at his streaming FLEX plays a few times this season. Regardless, the 7-6ers are in prime position to win the South division again.
#2 Boston Baingans
2016 Projected 8-5 2016 Actual 4-9
2017 Projected 10-3
Team Preview
I’m not sure if anyone picked up on this from my last column, but I’m in love with the Baingans draft. By the end of the season, he may have two Lev Bells! Joe Mixon is going to be a stud and Usmani’s mitigated Mixon’s uncertain early season usage by drafting Ty Montgomery and C.J. Anderson (bonafide RB2s). He then picked up “Rushell Wilshon” (only Ace and Usmani will get this), a QB1 whose bad season last year was an outlier. If Blake Bortles can regain any of his confidence, Allen Robinson will be looking at a solid WR1.5 year as well. This is the year Usmani returns to the conversation as one of the league’s elite teams.
#1 Chappaqua GOATs
2016 Projected 11-2 2016 Actual 9-4
2017 Projected 10-3
Team Preview
The GOATs currently have 3 of the 10 best fantasy football players. Hasan has won two straight titles and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down. I do believe he’s the favorite to be the first owner to three-peat, but the road may be tougher than it has been in the past due to Hasan’s weak draft. However, I could easily see a scenario where CJ Prosise takes over the Seahawks backfield from the injury prone Rawls/Lacy, Cam Newton returns to his QB1 self, and Chris Hogan becomes the latest in a long line of great, white Patriots receivers. Until someone topples the Champ, he remains the favorite.

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