The 2017 BMuz FFL Season

Salaam BMuz,

I’m honored to continue as the commissioner for BMuz’s 9th season. iA this year will be the best yet. Important dates for the upcoming year can be found here year-round and are summarized below as well.

Opt-in Deadline

Please let me know via this email thread, private email, private message, or within our WhatsApp group if you plan to opt-in or opt-out for the 2017 season.

The opt-in deadline will be Saturday, July 22nd by 12pm est.

Keeper Deadline

The keeper deadline will be Saturday, August 5th at 12pm est. Please select your keepers prior to this deadline on our ESPN league clubhouse. As per the rulebook, there will be a 24-hour trade moratorium prior to the keeper deadline. All trades must be made by Friday, August 4th at 12pm est.

2017 BMuz Draft

Please vote on a date and time via this link –

Some important dates to consider:

  • Wednesday, August 9th – Week 1 of NFL preseason
  • Thursday, August 31st – Week 4 of NFL preseason
  • Saturday, September 2nd – Eid al-Adha
  • Thursday, September 7th – Week 1 of NFL regular season

I’ll announce a draft date once all teams have inputted their preferred times.

2017 Schedules

For those that missed the schedule release earlier this year, here’s the link:

There has been one change made since the schedule’s release due to a request/popular demand. Ahsan Ali will now be facing off against his new rival, Ayman Usmani in Week 2. In order to facilitate the change, I switched my Week 2 match up with Ahsan with Ayman’s matchup against Aasim.

Also, the division names have been renamed since January because we don’t need any more politics in our lives. The new divisions are named after the starting QB of each division winner’s favorite team. The new division names are:

  • Eli (North)
  • Aaron (East)
  • Tom (West)
  • Mike/Mitchell (South)

The Eli (North) division will play the Mike/Mitchell (South) division and the Aaron (East) division will play the Tom (West) division.

Thanks and let me know if you guys have any questions.


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