A Look Towards 2017

Salaam BMuz,

I wanted to update everyone on some calendar items to look forward to this offseason.

Schedule and Divisions Released – Sunday, February 5th

  • Due to some league demand, I’ll release the 2017 BMuz schedule on the morning of Super Bowl LI. Each team will be playing their division opponents, the North division will play the South division, the East division will play the West division, and the final three “rivalry” slots will be filled by the commissioner (I will consider SOS when picking rivalry opponents).
  • The divisions may see a change or two that I will look into further in the coming days, though they may remain unchanged.

Commissioner Election – The weekend of July 1st-2nd

  • I’ll hold commissioner elections over this weekend. Eid-al-Fitr is expected to be on June 25th and I hope to have the elections soon thereafter.
  • The commissioner for the 2017 season will announce dates for the keeper deadline, plan for the draft, etc.

That’s all I have to announce for now. You guys can make trades now, if you really want to do so. Enjoy the NFL playoffs and I’ll be in touch in a few weeks with news on our schedules. Welcome to the BMuz offseason, enjoy the peace and quiet.

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