Championship Game 2016

Semifinals Recap

#2 Chicago 7-6ers (10-3) defeated #3 Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (9-4)

It took a self-deprecating team name, a co-owner, a 7,000 mile flight to Pakistan, and a monster performance from Brandin Cooks for Ahsan to finally get back to the BMuz championship. Though Ace missed on the Gabriel-Crowder pick, his late season pick up of Kaep and Bills served him well. On to the finals!


Aasim’s luck did not extend to non-divisional opponents and mediocre performances from Philip Rivers, Carlos Hyde, and Travis Kelce did not help. Unfortunately for Aasim, had he played Dak Prescott instead of Rivers he would have won the game by 0.7 points.


#5 Chappaqua GOATs (9-4) defeated #1 Old Tappan J-E-T-S (10-3)

In a week where the Champ was very beatable, the J-E-T-S absolutely blew it with some questionable roster decisions. The GOATs got enough out of their Redskins duo (I hope you feel gross as a Giants fan) ON MNF and were a key beneficiary of a 45-41 game between the Cardinals and the Saints (I hate you David Johnson). Hasan will be headed to his second straight BMuz championship where he seeks to become the third straight back-to-back champion in league history.


Shahzad’s stupid last-minute decision to play the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson and Adam Thielan cost him a spot in the championship game. The J-E-T-S also could not overcome Aaron Rodgers’ weak performance as a result of his calf injury and subzero temperatures in Chicago. Ugh, I hate fantasy football.


BMuz Championship Preview

#2 Chicago 7-6ers (10-3) vs. #5 Chappaqua GOATs (9-4)

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 6

Shahzad’s former roommates Hasan and Ahsan Ali face off in the 8th annual BMuz Championship game. This looks to be a close game as both teams are relatively stacked. Hasan will be rolling out A.J. Green, fresh off a hamstring injury, over a very hot Kenneth Dixon. Meanwhile, Ace will be go with Taylor Gabriel and Matthew Stafford this week after going with Crowder and Kaep last week.

On the match ups front, it looks like Ace has the edge as Gurley takes on SF, Evans plays NO, Lewis plays the Jets, and Hilton is at Oakland. Hasan’s #1, David Johnson has to take on Arizona, Thomas Rawls will try to break out against a strong Cardinals defense, A.J. Green returns against Houston, and Davante Adams will be up against the solid Vikings pass defense.

Good luck to you both and may the best Ali win.

Draft Pick Standings

Ebad has jumped HSid for the #1 pick. They will fight for the #1 pick this weekend. Meanwhile, Subzair have jumped two spots from the #9 pick to the #7 pick. They can potentially jump up one more spot to #6 with a win and a Bakr loss.

Team Current Draft Pick Original Draft Pick Change Playoff Points
Malden Cavaliers 1 2 1 12.3
Franklin Raekwons 2 1 -1 11.7
Boston Baingans 3 3 0 10.9
Worcester Nation of Muazination 4 4 0 10.8
Pepperell Patriots 5 6 1 10.1
Lowell Panthers 6 5 -1 9.4
Lexington Mughals 7 9 2 8.6
Bloomfield Cowboys 8 7 -1 8.5
New England Double Terriers 9 8 -1 8
Chelmsford Charawalas 10 10 0 5.2
Post-Semifinals Original Pick Points Points Position Regular Season Losses Playoff Wins Total Points Draft Position
Malden Cavaliers 2 1314.2 4 10 2 12.3 1
Franklin Raekwons 1 1190.9 8 11 0 11.7 2
Boston Baingans 3 1146.8 10 9 1 10.9 3
Worcester Nation of Muazination 4 1183.1 9 9 1 10.8 4
Pepperell Patriots 6 1385.1 2 8 2 10.1 5
Lowell Panthers 5 1303.2 5 9 0 9.4 6
Lexington Mughals 9 1249.7 7 6 2 8.6 7
Bloomfield Cowboys 7 1284.9 6 7 1 8.5 8
New England Double Terriers 8 1480.2 1 7 1 8.0 9
Chelmsford Charawalas 10 1377.3 3 5 0 5.2 10

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