Week 11 Preview

Week 11 marks the first time teams will be able to clinch playoff spots this year. The J-E-T-S and 7-6ers can win their divisions this week, while the OakTrees, Mughals, and #McNuggets try to gain the upper hand in their divisional battles.

BMuz Game of the Week

Chicago 7-6ers (7-3) vs. Chelmsford Charawalas (6-4)

  • ESPN Projection: Charawalas by 2

The 7-6ers will need some magic this week in order to win their elusive 8th game and to protect their division lead from the Death Eaters trying to take their top spot. To shake things up, Ahsan will roll out Blake Bortles at the QB position while the Sheikhs will put their homerism aside for the week and bench the unpredictable Eagles RB duo of house elf, Darren Sproles, and Ryan Mathews.


Games to Watch

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (8-2) vs. Chappaqua GOATs (6-4)

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 16

The GOATs are “rolling on all cylinders right now” and the J-E-T-S, down two RB1.5s, will face an uphill battle this week. Hasan is flying high and is shaping up to be one of the players to beat as we head into the playoffs.


Dublin #McNuggets (6-4) vs. Boston Baingans (3-7)

Lexington Mughals (6-4) vs. Pepperell Patriots (3-7)

  • ESPN Projection: #McNuggets by 10 and Patriots by 7

The brothers division will be seeing double this weekend. Both sets of games involve a 6-4 division leading brother taking on an eliminated 3-7 brother. The #McNuggets have a more favorable draw against the rotten Baingans. Meanwhile Haroon gained the early advantage with strong performances on TNF from Brees, J Stew, and Coby Fleener. He’s now favored to beat Subzair’s Mughals.


Upset Alerts

New England Double Terriers (6-4) vs. Franklin Raekwons (1-9)

  • ESPN Projection: Raekwons by 5

Plot twist! Down Julio Jones and Demaryius Thomas due to their bye weeks, the Double Terriers are actually the underdogs this week against the 1-9 Raekwons. HSid’s team will be looking to pull off the biggest upset since Harry Potter beat Cedric Diggory in the Tri-Wizard tournament. A loss for the Double Terriers would be a huge setback in their push to claim a playoff spot. Surprisingly, this won’t be the last time the Double Terriers face bye week blues. They will be down Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry in Week 13 against the Charawalas.


Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (6-4) vs. Malden Cavaliers (3-7)

  • ESPN Projection: Cavaliers by 16

Ebad has emerged from his 0-7 start and has won three straight games. He faces off this week against a very underwhelming 6-4 Mubaraks team which has not topped 100 points for the past six weeks, averaging 69 points. Ebad should be able to dance his way into the victory column for the fourth week in a row.


Other Games

Boston OakTrees (7-3) vs. Worcester Nation of Muazination (3-7)

  • ESPN Projection: OakTrees by 45

“Good game Muaz.”


Bloomfield Cowboys (6-4) vs. Lowell Panthers (3-7)

  • ESPN Projection: Panthers by 6

The Cowboys and Panthers are two teams that were both 3-4 three weeks ago and have since then gone in opposite directions. These are happy times for Q. Powered by Zeke Elliot, he has won three straights games and is arguably the hottest team in BMuz right now. Abubakr will need to capitalize on Matt Forte’s bye week in order to pull off the upset here.


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