Week 10 Preview

Week 10 marks the final “rivalry week” of the 2016 season. Except this is no week for rivalries. There will be no trash talking amongst us. Yes, we’re all still going to set our lineups and inwardly pray that we win, but it’s not the same. Our zeal for fantasy football and the fun that we have has been taken from us due to much larger issues. We all have a lot to think about moving forward and more importantly a lot to do. I pray that we’re allotted the freedom to continue enjoying harmless hobbies such as fantasy football some day sooner rather than later.

BMuz Game of the Week

Boston OakTrees (7-2) vs. Old Tappan J-E-T-S (7-2)

  • ESPN Projection: J-E-T-S by 9

This year’s top two teams face off in a late season match up. Both teams are expected to put up points as they fight to grab hold of the #1 seed. Good luck Oak, I hope we have an entertaining match up this weekend.


Games to Watch

Dublin #McNuggets (6-3) vs. New England Double Terriers (5-4)

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 10

BMuz competitors and best friends #McNuggets and Double Terriers face off with major playoff implications on the line. The #McNuggets hold a slim one game lead for the KD division, while the Double Terriers currently hold the tie breaker for the final wild card spot. I look forward to watching the Triple Terriers show each other a great deal of respect this weekend and appreciate the love that they have shown to each other all season.


Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (6-3) vs. Chappaqua GOATs (5-4)

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 16

A surprise playoff contender and the reigning champs will be playing for an improved chance at the playoffs. These two New York Giants fans and pre-season trade partners seem to get along just fine and that’s a great thing. Good luck this weekend to the both of you.


Chicago 7-6ers (7-2) vs. Boston Baingans (2-7)

  • ESPN Projection: 7-6ers by 7

The 7-6ers and Baingans were both early season favorites that ended up going in different directions. While Ahsan was able to build around his solid core of keepers, Usmani’s solid core never materialized and neither did his draft picks. I’m sure he’ll be solid next year. This might be the week Ahsan breaks the 7 win ceiling. That’s fantastic news for one of this league’s most passionate owners. Go and get your 8th win.


Chelmsford Charawalas (5-4) vs. Pepperell Patriots (3-6)

  • ESPN Projection: Even

Haroon will be looking to play spoiler against a Charawalas team that looked like it was ready to take the leap into the playoffs. One piece of good news for the Sheikhs is that Doug Martin may suit up giving them a crucial weapon as they enter the final stretch of the season. Have a great match up guys!


Bloomfield Cowboys (5-4) vs. Worcester Nation of Muazination (3-6)

  • ESPN Projection: Cowboys by 6

Qman, BMuz loves you and misses you. Come back. You’re having a great season and I hope you’re enjoying it. You deserve it after pulling off a solid draft and following it up with some great FA additions. The Cowboys will have to get past a Muazination team which saw injuries set back a promising roster. Have an enjoyable weekend you two!


Lexington Mughals (5-4) vs. Franklin Raekwons (1-8)

  • ESPN Projection: Mughals by 8.5

This week sees the debut of HSid’s Franklin Raekwons after the President-elect robbed the league of Sakib Khan and his ability to enjoy fantasy football. We welcome Hasan’s return as a full-fledged team owner and will miss Sakib’s contributions to BMuz. In his first game back, Hasan will take on a new look Mughal team that will be looking to make one final push towards the playoffs. Looking forward to seeing if the Mughals can jump back into the KD division lead.


Lowell Panthers (3-6) vs. Malden Cavaliers (2-7)

  • ESPN Projection: Panthers by 7

This is what I expected from Ebad all season. It’s a shame that this lovable guy started so slow, but this two game winning streak has shown how formidable his roster can be. While the Panthers season may also be over, he’s seen a potential keeper in Jay Ajayi emerge. These two teams have promising futures in BMuz.


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