Week 10 Playoff Picture

Current Playoff Standings:

  1. Boston OakTrees: 7-2 (Steph division leader & bye)*
  2. Old Tappan J-E-T-S: 7-2 (Klay division leader & bye)**
  3. Chicago 7-6ers: 7-2 (Draymond division leader)
  4. Dublin #McNuggets: 6-3 (KD division leader)
  5. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks: 6-3 (WC1)
  6. Chappaqua GOATs: 5-4 (WC2)***

* The OakTrees hold the tiebreaker over the J-E-T-S and 7-6ers based on total points

** The J-E-T-S hold the tiebreaker over the 7-6ers based on head-to-head wins

*** The GOATs (2-1) hold the tiebreaker for the WC2 over the Double Terriers (2-2), Cowboys (2-2), Mughals (1-1), and Charawalas (1-2) based on head-to-head match ups

First Round Playoff Games

  • Chicago 7-6ers vs. Chappaqua GOATs
  • Dublin #McNuggets vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks

First Round Byes

  • Boston OakTrees
  • Old Tappan J-E-T-S

Current Playoff Odds:

The following odds were calculated using a monte carlo simulation. The variables used to achieve the results included game-by-game results, total win-loss record, points scored, divisional win-loss record, and remaining schedule.

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