Week 8 Preview


Prepare. The bye-pocalypse is upon us and only the strong will survive. There are six teams on bye in Week 8 and another six teams on bye in Week 9. Players such as Peyton Barber, Cordarrelle Paterson, Chris Hogan, and others will be in the starting lineups for contending teams. The next two weeks should create some separation between the contenders and the pretenders and bye week preparation will be crucial.

BMuz Game of the Week

 New England Double Terriers (4-3) vs. Chappaqua GOATs (4-3)

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 12

The Double Terriers and GOATs finally face off in what many thought was going to be last season’s championship game match up. Though their records may not reflect it, these two teams have been among the league’s very best. They are two of four teams averaging over 120 points a game, yet are currently in a battle for the final wild card spot. The Double Terriers likely have the edge this week with many factors working in their favor including several great match ups, the sudden emergence of Ty Montgomery, and a respite from the OBJ-kicking net love affair due to his bye week.

Games to Watch

Chicago 7-6ers (6-1) vs. Old Tappan J-E-T-S (5-2)

  • ESPN Projection: 7-6ers by 20

With top attractions Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley on the sidelines, the 7-6ers and J-E-T-S face off in a battle between two division leaders. The 7-6ers are firing on all cylinders, putting up an average of ~130 ppg in the last three games. Their depth will be on full display this week against a J-E-T-S squad that will field the ghost of Cordarrelle Patterson and the Bucs’ WR3, Adam Humphries. Luckily, the J-E-T-S have been blessed this week with larger roles for the Devonta(e) Brothers and will look to counter the 7-6ers’ aerial attack with a strong ground game.

Lexington Mughals (5-2) vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (4-3)

  • ESPN Projection: Mughals by 4

The similarities between the Mughals and the Mubaraks are amazing. They are ranked consecutively in points scored this season, with Uzair in 11th and Aasim in 12th. They both rely on a single RB1 for production at the RB position (Lamar Miller and Carlos Hyde), leaving them with the likes of Peyton Barber, Kadeem Carey, and Justin Forsett to round out the position. Both teams will be starting two lumbering, white tight ends this week with Aasim going with Brate-Kelce and Subzair going with Doyle-Olsen. And they have both made most of their opportunities thus far and are in the playoff race. I expect this to be a close one and potentially even a tie.

Chelmsford Charawalas (4-3) vs. Lowell Panthers (3-4) 

  • ESPN Projection: Charawalas by 10

This is a pivotal game for both teams. The Charawalas, high off their win over the GOATs, are looking to keep up with the likes of Acesid and Sulreeb. The Panthers have been up and down all season and need a win as they enter the final stretch of the season. Unfortunately for them their new RB1, Jay Ajayi, will be on a bye leaving them shortchanged at the RB position. The Charawalas are almost back at full strength and should be able to continue trending in a positive direction.

Blowout of the Week

Boston OakTrees (5-2) vs. Dublin #McNuggets (5-2)

  • ESPN Projection: OakTrees by 31

In a matter of days, the #McNuggets have gone from two RB1s to none. Injuries to both Beanie McCoy and C.J. Anderson look to potentially derail a promising sophomore season for Ayman. Oak, always ready to capitalize on his opponent’s misfortunes, will greet Ayman with his four-headed RB1 beast of Melvin Gordon, Matt Forte, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Spencer Ware. What the what?!? That is something I never expected saying in my life. I don’t expect this game to be close.

Upset of the Week

Bloomfield Cowboys (3-4) vs. Needham ‘Nstigators (1-6)

  • ESPN Projection: ‘Nstigators by 7.5

Loser of six straight, Sakib Khan continues to fascinate the league with his “one man’s garbage is another man’s garbage” motto. After trading for Eddy Lacy with the intention of keeping him, Sakib flipped that piece of scrap metal for another fringe keeper, Sammy Watkins. While he continues to strengthen his IR, his starters have only cracked 100 points once in the past five weeks. Regardless, he finds himself with a plus match up against a Cowboy team struggling to maintain consistency. While the Cowboys have put up 100+ points in 4 of 7 games, they have also dipped below 70 in two others. Even with Zeke playing as well as he is, Jarvis Landry is on a bye and Elliot can only do so much.

Other Games

Worcester Nation of Muazination (3-4) vs. Pepperell Patriots (2-5)

  • ESPN Projection: Patriots by 2

Both of these teams seem to be falling behind others. The NoM have lost 3 of 4 and didn’t put up 100+ in any of those games. Now they’re hit by the Tevin Coleman injury. Meanwhile it seems like Haroon’s 176.8 point game will go down as the high point of his season. He’ll be dealing with serious bye week issues over these next two weeks, making it tough for him to come back from his 2-5 start. This one is a toss-up with both teams needing a win.

Boston Baingans (2-5) vs. Malden Cavaliers (0-7)

  • ESPN Projection: Cavaliers by 15

The 0-7 Cavaliers are heavy favorites this week and if Ebad can’t pick up his first win I would totally understand if he wanted to get angry for the first time in his life (mA). To be blunt, the Baingans are the worst team in the league. Omar Usmani is officially this league’s Sam Hinke after watching his “process” blow up in his face. They are the only team averaging under 90 ppg. Bichara Ebad is like eighth in scoring this season, yet he’s 0-7. Go get your first win my friend.


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