Week 7 Preview

BMuz Game of the Week

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (5-1) vs. New England Double Terriers (3-3)

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 6


The dynamic minds of Sultan and Areeb take on perennial powerhouse, Shahzad Zia and his J-E-T-S, in this week’s BMuz Game of the Week. Both teams were gifted a pivotal player this week as Sulreeb picked up Ty Montgomery after he somehow slipped into their laps (freakin Haroon) and Shahzad somehow got Subzair to accept his trade for Bilal Powell. Both teams also got off to a hot start on TNF with fantastic performances from Sulreeb’s aforementioned Ty Montgomery and Shahzad’s Aaron Rodgers. Can these two teams duplicate their 2014 “Game of the Century” which saw Sultan beat Shahzad 166.4 to 163.9? We’ll find out this weekend.

Blowout of the Week

Chicago 7-6ers (5-1) vs. Bloomfield Cowboys (3-3)

  • ESPN Projection: 7-6ers by 30+


While the 7-6ers’ Christine Michael is considered to be the “Woke One,” it is Ahsan that has truly been awakened. Following a journey to Tibet that saw him land his new partner and spiritual guide, Ahsan has calmly taken over this league. The 7-6ers’ dominance is expected to continue this week in a match up with Q’s Cowboys. After a tough loss to Sulreeb, Q finds his best player and key difference maker, Zeke Elliot on bye. After Jordan Howard’s poor performance on TNF, it will be difficult for Q to match the 7-6ers’ expected output.

Upset of the Week

Lexington Mughals (4-2) vs. Malden Cavaliers (0-6)

  • ESPN Projection: Cavaliers by 15


Uzair and Subhan are riding high with a three game winning streak, but the fun may end this week against the winless Cavaliers due to poor bye week management. Ebad’s team has been stellar each week, never terrible, but also never spectacular. A 100+ point effort should get him his first win of the year over the 4-2 Mughals.

Games to Watch

Chappaqua GOATs (4-2) vs. Chelmsford Charawalas (3-3)

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 3.5


Thursday Night Football must have been extremely painful for Hasan Ali. He saw Davonte Adams light up the scoreboard and put up 29.1 pts while sitting on the Champ’s bench. Meanwhile, starter Cameron Meredith put up a putrid 1.5 pts and Charawalas’ starter Randall Cobb went off for 21.1 pts. What was expected to be a cake walk for Hasan, following injury set backs for the Sheikh’s Eddy Lacy and Doug Martin, is now projected to be a close matchup. But Hasan has David Freakin’ Johnson and OBJ, so he should be fine.

Boston OakTrees (4-2) vs. Pepperell Patriots (2-4)

  • ESPN Projection: Even


Haroon, fresh off his 176.8 pt performance last week, comes into his matchup against Oak with a real chance at pulling off an upset. Following a trade with Ahsan on Friday morning, Haroon will field a strong lineup during a week that sees his RB1, JStew, on a bye. Also, can you imagine how great Haroon’s lineup would have been with Ty Montgomery. Damnit Haroon! Oak will counter with his magnificent handcuff duo of Spencer Ware and Jacquizz Rodgers, while praying that starter Matt Forte doesn’t become a handcuff himself. This one looks to be a real toss up this week.

Other Games

Dublin #McNuggets (5-1) vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (3-3)

  • ESPN Projection: UoM by 3.5


Credit: The Fantasy Gridiron

Ayman continues to do just enough to win. He has seen stellar performances from Lesean McCoy this year, but McCoy is expected to be limited or out for Sunday’s game. He’ll need Blake Bortles to pick up the slack. Bortles has been very up and down putting up 16-20-13-26-12 points over the season meaning he’s due for a 20+ game. Meanwhile, Aasim’s RBs situation continues to hurt his team. Perhaps if he sent out legitimate trade offers or if he entertained reasonable offers he wouldn’t have to start Don Jackson and Shane Draughn. Expect Ayman to continue his winning ways.

Boston Baingans (2-4) vs. Worcester Nation of Muazination (2-4)

  • ESPN Projection: Baingans by 2


With his team underperforming, Usmani has taken to vacationing in King’s Landing with the hope of returning west rejuvenated so he can reclaim the BMuz throne. This week the Baingains will look to send their regards to a NoM squad that has Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin on a bye. Should we expect Muaz to fold? Not today. The Nation of Muazination will send newly acquired Colin Kaepernick into battle along with a returning Tyler Eifert. My prediction for this game? Hodor.

Lowell Panthers (2-4) vs. Needham ‘Nstigators (1-5)

  • ESPN Projection: ‘Nstigators by 8


“Tank? No tank. You’re the tank!” Sakib continued his confusing 2016 strategy this week with a “look to the future” trade for a player with an uncertain future, Eddy Lacy. This is following a trade that saw him send away highly touted TE, Coby Fleener (20+ pts last week) for an underperforming TE, Dwayne Allen (RIP). Ultimately, Sak is looking to get better for next year at the expense of this year while also trying to win this year. Did I get that right? Meanwhile, poor Bakr finds himself with injuries to three of his first four draft picks. Catch machine, Theo Riddick, is also expected to be out. For at least one week, Sak is the heavy favorite to win a game.

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