Week 4 Preview

Week 4 is here and we have both the start of NFL bye weeks and the last of the first set of divisional games. We’re getting a pretty good idea of how things are going to shape out with several surprises and disappointments this year.

BMuz Game of the Week

Worcester Nation of Muazination (2-1) vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (2-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Even


The Nation of Muazination goes to battle against Mubarakstan in a match up of two early season surprises who are getting it done in different ways. The NoM leaned heavily on its 3 RB set last week and saw each of them put up 20+ points. Meanwhile Mubarakstan continues to run an underrated 4 WR trips package. This game looks like it’ll be a toss-up. The Steph Division seems to be up for grabs this year with no clear front-runner.

Games to Watch

Chicago 7-6ers (2-1) vs. Needham ‘Nstigators (1-2)

  • ESPN Projection: 7-6ers by 17


Sakib, hit pause for a second. Can you explain what is going [on] with you? I’m worried about you.

As Ahsan and Sakib head into the first of their two showdowns this year, the focus is off the field. The question is, can Ahsan break through to Sakib? This week the league witnessed Sakib continue his spiral as he declared Omar Usmani a liar, called the league shameful, and outed himself as a Trump apologist. You know what would cure some of this angst? A win this week against the division leading and absolutely stacked 7-6er team. After trading for DeSean Jackson, Ahsan now fields 4 WR1s. A very touch matchup for Sakib in a week where he could use a win.

Boston OakTrees (2-1) vs. Malden Cavaliers (0-3)

  • ESPN Projection: OakTrees by 8


After an unprecedented start, all it took was one demoralizing defeat for Oak to raise the white flag. Look up “panic trade” in the dictionary and you’ll see Oak’s face. To remind everyone, Oak traded Sammy Watkins and DeAngelo Williams for…Terrelle Pryor. With this one trade, Oak all but admitted that both Sammy Watkins and DeAngelo Williams were major reaches given what he had paid for them (Side note: It looks like Oak was right about one thing. After Oak traded DeAngelo, Tomlin came out and said that D-Will and Le’Veon may share the RB duties…lol). The major beneficiary of all of this are Oak’s future opponents and one that could use a break is this league’s only winless team, the Cavaliers. While Oak is projected to win, this game should be a close one.

Boston Baingans (1-2) vs. Lexington Mughals (1-2)

  • ESPN Projection: Baingans by 3


After a 1-2 start, the Baingans had been left bruised and battered. Not to worry, Dr. Usmani’s got the medicine to get his team healthy and relevant again. Le’Veon is back, J Charles is back, BMarsh’s leg is back, and now A-Rob joins the crew. By trading the over-performing Blount and the under-performing Cobb, Usmani was able to pull off a masterful trade for a legitimate top-10 WR. He’ll look to get back to .500 this week, but the Mughals will have the same idea. This will be an important game for both teams since a loss would potentially put the losing team a crushing three games back of the division lead.

Blowout Alert

New England Double Terriers (1-2) vs. Chelmsford Charawalas (2-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 22


Perhaps the Double Terriers are still #blessed. With their backs against the wall, facing a potential 1-3 start, Sulreeb gets a match up against the absolutely devastated Charawalas team. RB1 (Martin) injured. RB2 (Lacy) Bye. WR1 (A-Rob) traded. WR1 replacement (Cobb) Bye. WR2 (Coleman) injured. The Charawalas have been hit with a true perfect storm in Week 4 and therefore the Double Terriers should coast to a victory. Thankfully for the Charawalas, they have gotten off to a hot start and the future looks bright for them once they are healthy again.

Upset Alert

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (3-0) vs. Bloomfield Cowboys (1-2)

  • ESPN Projection: Cowboys by 3


BMuz’s NJ representatives square off in what’s projected to be a tight game. While the Cowboys looked absolutely awful last week, Q made sure that would never happen again by cutting Ryan Fitzpatrick following his 6 INT performance. Meanwhile, Q will also see Willie Snead return to his lineup and Chris Ivory will have another week under his belt. The J-E-T-S hot start can be attributed to strong performances from the QB position and the play of his stars (Antonio, Devonta, J Hill). A bye week for A-Rod means this could be the trap game that gives the J-E-T-S their first loss.

Other Games

Lowell Panthers (1-2) vs. Chappaqua GOATs (1-2) 

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 22

Abubakr and his Panthers are headed in the wrong direction. With the loss of his two RBs (Foster and Langford) and potentially his WR1 (Dez), this team’s prospects do not look good. With Matt Ryan already playing at elite QB levels, the return of Tom Brady will have little impact on the Panthers. Headed in the right direction are the GOATs. With a convincing week 3 win (their first), the GOATs are looking formidable once again. Getting back to .500 should be no problem for the GOATs this week.

Dublin #McNuggets (3-0) vs. Pepperell Patriots (1-2)

  • ESPN Projection: #McNuggets by 19

Another team ravaged by injury is the Patriots. Haroon has lost his RB1 (JStew) and his RB1 replacement (Vereen). He also traded for an injured WR1. The future looks good for this team once it’s healthy (roughly Week 8). Meanwhile the #McNuggets should be able to get to 4-0 quite easily with an eye towards a second consecutive playoff berth.

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