Week 3 Preview

Following the bloodshed of Week 2, several teams head into this week with some major holes in their lineups. Suddenly, many teams out there (including yours truly) are playing handcuffs in key roles. They’re essentially employing Oak’s strategy. The balance of the league has certainly shifted as we continue divisional play in Week 3.

BMuz Game of the Week

Chicago 7-6ers (1-1) vs. New England Double Terriers (1-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 3


These feuding teams face off in what should be a weekend full of back and forth between Ahsan and Sulreeb. Ahsan’s expletives will be met by Sulreeb’s logic and lack of cognitive dissonance. On the field, both of these teams survived Week 2 relatively unscathed. Off the field, Sultan was able to rally the Patriots apologists including Ahsan’s co-owner HSid. Ahsan will try to rally his team in this pivotal early season match up. It’s a toss-up that could swing either way.

Games to Watch

Bloomfield Cowboys (1-1) vs. Chappaqua GOATs (0-2) 

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 8


As he gazes at his precious, the pressure is officially on the Champ to get his first win. BMuz pundits and Ahsan’s algorithm both agree, the GOATs are the league’s most loaded team, yet a win has eluded them. Q’s Cowboys will be fully staffed at the RB position for the first time this year and will field an under the radar WR trio of Decker, Landry, and Snead. The Cowboys may become the latest team to surprise the GOATs and then the panic will really start to set in for Hasan.

Dublin #McNuggets (2-0) vs. Lexington Mughals (1-1)

  • ESPN Projection: #McNuggets by 6


The #McNuggets and Mughals face off for the first time since their winner takes all match up in Week 13. That win gave the #McNuggets a division title and a playoff berth albeit a losing record. Now, both teams eye a very attainable 2016 division title. The #McNuggets have the steadier squad without a doubt with at least [insert random number here] that have scored at least [insert random number here] at some point this season. This team may be a team full of Pierre Garcons but they have the ability to be a team full of Desean Jacksons if they play well. The Mughals, after a solid week 1 win, came back down to earth last week with troubling single digit performances from all of their RB/WR and WR/TE positions. It’s the #McNuggets game (and maybe division?) to lose.

Needham ‘Nstigators (1-1) vs. Chelmsford Charawalas (1-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Even


A key match up between two teams generally considered to be the weaker half of the Draymond division. After losing Ameer Abdullah to an injury mid-day Sunday, Sak worked his magic to ensure he would have an RB to fill Abdullah’s role. Enter Jerrick McKinnon. Following AP’s injury, McKinnon will inherit the starting role in Minnesota. Meanwhile the masoom Sheikh brothers resisted the urges to nazr their fellow league members and will look internally to fill the holes left by injured Doug Martin and Corey Coleman. The spread is even for this match up so consider this a toss-up.

Upset Alert

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (2-0) vs. Lowell Panthers (1-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Panthers by 4


While Shahzad was busy being accused of nazring certain players, several of his key rivals conjured up the greatest nazr of all. With that the J-E-T-S’ chances may have gone down the drain. The loss of AP represents a potential end of an era and hurts Shahzad’s already thin RB situation. The Lowell Panthers and their #1 FF QB, Matt Ryan, ride in on a wave of opportunity. While they have yet to break 100 points, they gained a new RB1 (Theo Riddick) this week following the injury to our brother in Islam, Ameer Abdallah. Their remaining studs have underperformed this year (Dez, Jordan Reed) but can breakthrough at any time. A win in this early season game will put the Panthers in sole possession of first place. Meanwhile, Shahzad will be quietly crying in the corner.

Other Games

Boston OakTrees (2-0) vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (1-1) 

  • ESPN Projection: OakTrees by 20


Oak’s last week of relevance is here. Or is it? With JC and Le’Veon expected back in Week 4, the OakTrees will potentially have a very different looking starting lineup next week. Don’t count out this misunderstood genius just yet. At least this game should be a cake walk for Oak. Aasim’s UoM’s team of WR2s will have a tough time keeping up with Oak’s early season monster. I can’t say I’ve done an extensive amount of research, but I’m pretty sure Oak has put up the most points in the first, two weeks of any season. That’s 298.2 points (or 500 points if you were to round up).

Worcester Nation of Muazination (1-1) vs. Malden Cavaliers (0-2) 

  • ESPN Projection: Cavaliers by 4

Muaz’s bet on the Cam-Kelvin connection is paying off. They have accounted for ~45% of the NoM’s total points this season and helped him beat a tough 7-6ers squad last week. With Charles Sims inheriting the lead back role in TB and Tevin Coleman’s reemergence in the Atlanta backfield, Ebad will have his hands full this week. The Cavaliers will need Mr. Ciara to finally show up and will need Jay Ajayi to take advantage of the opportunity as the lead back for the Dolphins.

Boston Baingans (1-1) vs. Pepperell Patriots (0-2) 

  • ESPN Projection: Baingans by 5

The Baingans should be very thankful for their early season scheduling (you’re welcome). While the Pats could have posed a challenge against this Baingans team, they are down their RB1 (J Stew) and potentially their TE1 (Gronk). Meanwhile the Baingans may be 2-1 by the time JC and Le’Veon are back. We may have a new #blessed team. A final note, neither have these teams are projected to score over 100 points. Should be a doozy.

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