Week 2 Preview

Week 2 brings our first slate of rivalry games this season which includes The Battle of the Champs, The Battle of the 2015 Commishes, and The Battle for Subhan. Here’s a look at this week’s games:

BMuz Game of the Week

Chappaqua GOATs (0-1) vs. Boston Baingans (0-1)

  • ESPN Projection: GOATs by 21

Our last two champs face off in what looks to be a blowout in Hasan’s favor. The Baingans are expected to be without Jamaal Charles once again, while Hasan should see Thomas Rawls return to his workhorse role (to go along with his usual beasts). It’s a must win for Hasan as an early season 0-2 hole would not be a good look for the defending champ.

Games to Watch

Needham ‘Nstigators (1-0) vs. Boston OakTrees (1-0)

  • ESPN Projection: OakTrees by 33

Sak Attack will be looking for his second straight upset, this time against the man he named the interim commish after his abrupt resignation last year. Oak will attempt to continue locking up his opponents with his superb handcuff duo of DeAngelo Williams and Spencer Ware. It’s projected to be a cake walk in Oak’s favor, but Sak is riding Luck so he always has a shot.

Lexington Mughals (1-0) vs. Bloomfield Cowboys (0-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Mughals by 5

These two teams heavily recruited Subhan Zia to join their respective front offices this offseason, but only one was able to come away with him. Armed with Subhan, Uzair’s Mughals are a surprising 1-0 and look to go 2-0 as they eye the playoffs and a division title. The Cowboys got some solid performances on TNF and will be looking to ride that momentum to a week 2 win. This game’s a toss up.

New England Double Terriers (0-1) vs. Mubarakstan University of Mubaraks (1-0) 

  • ESPN Projection: Double Terriers by 12

I’m not ready to dub this an “Upset Alert,” but Aasim surprised the league last week with his convincing win over Ebad. While Sulreeb is projected to win this one, they have some early season hurdles to overcome such as Demaryius’s injury and the need to start Jeremy Kerley. With Danny Woodhead’s expected to receive a larger role in the Charger offense and a potential monster game from Emmanuel Sanders against the depleted Colt defense, Aasim may pull this one off.

Upset Alert

Malden Cavaliers (0-1) vs. Chelmsford Charawalas (0-1)

  • ESPN Projection: Charawalas by 2

Early season favorite, Ebad, is not looking as pretty right now in week 2. A diminished role for Devonta, the curse of Ciara, and Zach Ertz’s injury will hurt Ebad this week and in the weeks to come. The Charawalas have a great opportunity to upset the Cavaliers and get their much desired first win.

Other Games

Old Tappan J-E-T-S (1-0) vs. Pepperell Patriots (0-1) 

  • ESPN Projection: J-E-T-S by 12

No Gronk, no chance? The Patriots, and their wily veterans, will face off against their former division rival, the J-E-T-S. Haroon’s team is a bit banged up and may be without its RB1 as well. The J-E-T-S will look to capitalize on these injuries as they look to move to 2-0.

Lowell Panthers (1-0) vs. Dublin #McNuggets (1-0)

  • ESPN Projection: #McNuggets by 5

A month ago, this was lined up as the BMuz Game of the Week in a match up that would have inaugurated the rivalry between HK and Ayman. With HK’s departure from the league and Ayman’s decision to target Muaz as his new rival, this game has lost all of its anticipation. But this will be an important match up between two teams that could be battling for a wild card seed come December.

Chicago 7-6ers (1-0) vs. Worcester Nation of Muazination (0-1)

  • ESPN Projection: The Nation of Muazination by 1

The Battle for Chicago? The Battle for Kanye? Poor Muaz lost Keenan Allen for the second straight year and his season may be over very early on. He’ll be looking for Tevin Coleman and TJ Yeldon to capitalize on their early season opportunities to help fill the void. Meanwhile, the 7-6ers will need Gurley to step up this week as two of his top-flight receivers are facing tough defensive match ups. This one could go either way.

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