Top Single-Game Fantasy Performance by an NFL Player

So we’ve looked at which BMuz team has put up the most fantasy points in a game. Now let’s look at which NFL players have put up record breaking fantasy points in a BMuz league game.

Highest Scoring Performance (Player)

I’ve compiled all single-game performance of 40 points or more for player that was on the starting roster of a BMuz team. This means all-time fantasy performances like Drew Brees’s 6 TD game last year (thanks Sakib) and Jerome Harrison’s 295 rushing yards game in 2009 are not listed.

We can probably all remember a few shocking performances right off the bat. Jonas Gray rushing for 4 TDs. Mike Vick’s electrifying MNF performance back in 2010. I know I’ll never forget David Johnson putting up 43 points against me in last year’s semi-finals. Topping the list is Jamaal Charles’ 4 receiving TD performance back in 2013 for Sak. Unfortunately the record breaking performance took place in a consolation game, so its impact on his season was quite limited.

Enjoy the list and if you feel like I may have missed a single-game performance, let me know and I’ll update the list.


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