Top Single-Game Scoring Performances by a BMuz Team

Did you know that in every even numbered year since 2010, Oak has put up a top 10 single game scoring performance? With his 165.3 point performance in Week 1 of the 2016 season, Oak has kept that streak alive. It’s not even Oak’s best all-time week 1 performance. He put up 168.3 points in week 1 of the 2010 season, a week 1 scoring record.

BMuz’s list of highest scoring performances has been migrated from email to the website and has been updated to include 2015 and 2016 scores. It can be found in the new Record Book section (which will be further populated) under the History tab. The direct link is below:

Highest Scoring Performances

Other interesting notes from the list:

  • Oak’s record score of 188.5 points came in a down year where he went 5-8 in 2014, but the performance came against the reigning and also eventual champion, Omar Usmani. His top scores included Tom Brady (39 pts), Arian Foster (37.3 pts), and Emmanuel Sanders (33.3 pts)
  • Oak occupies four of the top 10 highest performances, but does not show up in the remainder of the top 25 list
  • Shahzad and Sakib are tied with the most top 25 performances with five appearances each
  • Three of Shahzad’s five highest scoring performances took place in week 13
  • A notable name missing is Aasim Syed (2nd all-time in wins)

Hope you enjoy.

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