Most Intriguing Games of 2016

Note from Shahzad:  Welcome to Omar Abdelkader’s new column “Oak is typing…” where Oak will randomly provide his thoughts on all things BMuz. As always, you can ask him for the tl;dr on WhatsApp. In the future, other league members should feel free to contribute content (videos, pics, blog posts) to the website. Contact me if you’re interested. Thanks and enjoy.

(games shown in chronological order)

Chappaqua GOATs vs. Old Tappan J-E-T-S (Week 1 & 11)

Shahzad and Hasan matched up four times in 2009 (Year 1 of BMuz), with Shahzad winning all four of those games. From 2009 until the 2015 playoffs, Shahzad won six consecutive match ups, including a ball-busting 1.4-point loss in their week 6 matchup and a blowout loss in their regular season finale which cost him the division title and the top seed (plus bye) in the playoffs. However Hasan’s team showed up when it counted most, ousting Shahzad in the semifinals on his way to his first BMuz title. After years of being Shahzad’s punching bag, has the newly crowned Champ finally turned this matchup into a legit rivalry? Or was last year just a bump in the road for Shahzad’s quest to become BMuz’s first 3-time league champ?

  • All-time head-to-head: Shahzad leads 10-2
  • Most recent result: Hasan won 153.6-124.2 (2015 Semifinals)

Boston Baingans vs. Dublin #McNuggets (Week 1 & 11)

Year 2 of 2 Usmani bowls features the now, former 2-time champ elder Usmani coming off his first sub .500 season since joining BMuz in 2012 and Ayman who became the 2nd Usmani bro 2 join BMuz last year and went on 2 win the division which has 2 pairs of bros. 2 of Ayman’s wins last year came at the expense of elder Usmani who sunk from 2-time defending league champ 2 2nd 2 last place in the league last year and now has pick number 2 in the original draft order. In the process of tanking last year, elder Usmani acquired 2 keepers in Le’Veon Bell and Jamaal Charles and will now attempt 2 come back 2 contend for the division title and get back in2 the playoffs. That won’t happen if Ayman has anything 2 say about it, as he will be going for his 2nd straight division title in just his 2nd year in BMuz.

P.S. ICMYI, The number 2 is used 22 times in this corny post

  • All-time head-to-head: Ayman leads 2-0
  • Most recent result: Ayman won 92.1-90.9 (2015 Week 11)

Boston Baingans vs. Chappaqua GOATs (Week 2)

Not much history between these two teams with elder Usmani winning the lone matchup back in 2013, but this is a matchup of the last two BMuz champs. They are the main reason Shahzad hasn’t won BMuz since 2012. (You’re welcome Sakib)

  • All-time head-to-head: Omar U leads 1-0
  • Most recent result: Omar U won 94.7-94.4 (2013 Week 6)

Boston OakTrees vs. Rockland Chapli Kababs (Week 3 & 12)

The longest standing and arguably most prestigious divisional rivalry in BMuz. For the first few years, this was a legit rivalry with both teams being consistent playoff contenders. After losing in the 2012 title game, Oak suffered a couple of down 5-8 years while Aasim’s team continued to dominate the division. In 2015, however, their fortunes switched as Aasim’s keeper duo of Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch reached their expiration dates (leading to their retirements this past offseason) en route to a 4-9 season. Oak meanwhile swept Aasim in 2015 to take the lead in the all-time series and managed to get all the way back to the title game before once again falling short. This year Aasim is in full rebuild mode. The good news? The draft isn’t happening during his anniversary. The bad news? He traded away pivotal draft picks for Carlos Hyde to be his team’s lone keeper when he could have easily drafted him for free. Oak will look to take advantage of Aasim’s miscues and continue to grow his head-to-head lead.

  • All-time head-to-head: Oak leads 8-7
  • Most recent result: Oak won 134.1-98.9 (2015 Week 13)

Chicago 7-6ers vs. Needham ‘Nstigators (Week 4 & 13)

Throughout BMuz’s existence,  only one team has been consistent Ahsan’s team. Ahsan’s team has won at least 6 games every year BUT has also never won more than 7 games. One of Ahsan’s many 7-6 seasons actually got him all the way to the championship game back in 2011. At first, it seemed he would finally break that 7-6 ceiling  in 2015. Unfortunately, Ace was unable to get any more W’s as his second losses to Sulreeb and Sak’s teams led to his season ending four-game losing streak. Meanwhile, Sakib is reeling from a couple L’s this offseason after Shahzad successfully took over as commish and he then saw his decision to keep Matt Jones backfired. LOL.

  • All-time head-to-head: Sakib leads 5-3
  • Most recent result: Sakib won 74.9-71.8 (2015 Week 12)
    • Note from Shahzad: Great game guys. Real barn burner.

Boston OakTrees vs. Chappaqua GOATs (Week 5)

Rematch of last year’s title game. Enough said.

  • All-time head-to-head: Oak leads 4-3
  • Most recent result: Hasan won 120.6-71.6 (2015 BMuz Championship)

Needham ‘Nstigators vs. Old Tappan J-E-T-S (Week 9)

The battle of the commissioners is finally back this year. Somehow these two have played in only two regular season games, likely due to Sakib’s control on scheduling during his reign as commissioner. Nonetheless, Sakib will try to even out this series in this very important late season match up and get his first win against Shahzad since 2009 (or Barack Obama’s first year in office, man that was awhile ago). The Week 9 date should allow Sakib to retool his team given Matt Jones’s expected suckage and allowing this to be a competitive game. Shahzad will try his best to extend his dominance over Sakib in all things fantasy football.

  • All-time head-to-head: Shahzad Leads 2-1
  • Most recent result: Shahzad won 102.5-96.6 (2014 Week 7)

Which games are you looking forward to…?

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