2016 BMuz Draft Day Information


Sunday, August 28th @ 7PM EST

Where (In Person)

600 Technology Square, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

*If you are attending in person, please call Ahsan (603-486-1424) to enter the building.

Where (Online)

If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend online via Google Hangouts. You will announce your draft picks through this Hangout. Either through its video or chat feature.

2016 BMuz FFL Draft – Google Hangout

The Draft Board

The official draft board can be accessed via the link below:

2016 BMuz FFL Draft Board

Player Rankings

I have compiled a list of available players by position based on ESPN’s Top 300. This list can be accessed separately from the draft board via the link below:

2016 Player Rankings

Draft Time Limit

Each team will have a 60 second limit to make their selection. Teams that take longer than 60 seconds will be heckled and yelled at until they make their pick.


If any team is unable to attend the draft, I will autodraft for them. My methodology for autodrafting is as follows:

  1. Draft highest ranked available player in order to fill starting QB/RB/WR/TE spots
  2. Draft highest ranked available player in order to fill starting K/DST spots
  3. Draft highest ranked available RB/WR/TE in order to fill bench spots

No K or DST position will be autodrafted until a live drafter has selected a K or DST for their team.

Also, Any NFL player that has experienced a season-long injury will be removed from the pool of available players to the best of my ability (i.e. Stevie Johnson).



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