Welcome to BMuzFFL.org


Welcome to the official home of the BMuz Fantasy Football league! This website will be your one stop shop for all things BMuz this upcoming 2016 season (and beyond, iA). Let’s quickly run down what BMuzFFL.org provides for you:

The Blog

This website will host a ton of original content from a weekly recap/preview video podcast show to analysis fueled blog posts. I encourage every league member to feel like they can contribute to this website and to the history of this league. This includes asking the league to join me in hosting the weekly BMuz show and writing guest blog posts when someone feels like it.


In a few weeks, I will be adding team profiles for our league members. These profiles will include owner bios, team history, and stats.


League members can view all-times stats (wins, points, playoff performance) and a season-by-season history (league standings and drafts) through this section.


All you need to know about who BMuz is, what our rules are, and what we’re playing for each season.

League Clubhouse / Shop

The website also serves as a portal to our league’s ESPN clubhouse and our apparel store.

I’m hope you all enjoy reading through this site today and in the coming days. I look forward to adding in fun content throughout the year.


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